Bektau-Ata: hundreds of boulders and dozens of cracks in the middle of Kazakhstan

At the end of September 2020 Olga Belotserkovskaya, Valera Alekseev, Zhora Berezikov, Pavel Gryaznov, Camille London and I made a trip to a place called Bektau-Ata in Central Kazakhstan. It’s a granite massif 70 km to the north of Lake Balkhash, one of the largest lakes in Asia. Dozens and dozens of grotesque-shaped boulders are located […]

Tuyuk-Su map

Few years ago I drew a map of Tuyuk-Su area. From that, I annually roll up updates. Usually, I update Russian version first, so if you are comfortable with it check out Tuyuk-Su map in Russian. There are some minor differences from the English version. Feel free to use it for your trips and non-commercial […]

Two new routes on the north face of Ordzhonikidze, 4410 m

The Zayliyskiy Alatau (also sometimes spelled Zaylyiskiy, Zailiiskii, or Zalisky) is the most northerly part of the Tien Shan, and the Tuyuk-Su subrange—the mountains around the Tuyuk-Su Valley—are easily accessed from Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city. Near the entrance to the valley lies Chimbulak (Shymbulak) ski resort. It’s my home range: I work as a mountain […]

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