Кирилл Белоцерковский

Hi, I’m Kirill.
I climb mountains, rocks, and ice [mostly, but not exclusively] around Almaty, Kazakhstan. Moreover, I work as a guide and mountaineering instructor at Tuyuk-Su. As a guide I aim to show my guests the best routes in a safest way.

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Russian articles are many, English articles are few ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ice Climbing in Turkey

Ice Climbing in Turkey

In January of 2020, I participate in Emre Ozbay memorial Ice Climbing Festival in Erzurum in the East of Turkey. The waterfalls were many, Ice conditions were excellent, while the air wasn’t cold. Actually, it was possible to climb rocks (lots of them) in climbing shoes on sunny faces.
New hard route on Mt Trud in Kazakhstan

New hard route on Mt Trud in Kazakhstan

On May 28, together with Grisha Chsukin, I climbed a new route on the west face of peak Trud. We graded it 1200m WI5 M6 6b or Russian 5B. Trud located in Talgar massif in Almaty Natural Reserve. Which, in turn, located near to Almaty—the biggest city of Kazakhstan. At…
Tuyuk-Su map

Tuyuk-Su map

Few years ago I drew a map of Tuyuk-Su area. From that, I annually roll up updates. Usually, I update Russian version first, so if you are comfortable with it check out Tuyuk-Su map in Russian. There are some minor differences from the English version. Feel free to use it…

I proudly work with

Also I draw and write things

Detailed map of Tuyuk-Su area

Tuyuk-Su map—detailed scheme of my home area.

Olga Belotserkovskaya installing a cam

Climbing at Bektau-Ata
Makeshift guidebook to rural and mostly unexplored in terms of climbing place in Central Kazakhstan. There are huge potential in bouldering and not as huge, but still big—in trad

Topos of routes on Bastions in Tuyuk-Su area

Multi-pitch routes at Tuyuk-Su area
They are climbable from May to October. Grades start at 6a and goes up to 8-ish project.

Tamgaly Tas guidebook

Tamgaly Tas guidebook
Tamgaly Tas is a rock climbing area 120 km to the north from Almaty. Every year I bolt new routes there. Now there are about 100 routes—sport, trad and multi-pitch—graded up to 8a.

I’m on Facebook and Instagram

Please don’t send messages on Instagram. But if you want some pictures from Kazakh flatlands and deserts, here they are:

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